Sunday, July 10, 2011

End of Murphy Family Vacation 2011

With the beginning of the week comes the end of our vacation. We woke up before 5am and started the long drive home. Stopping for a bite to eat in Primm Nevada. With the early morning temps already reaching 92* it will be a hit ride home!

Grandpa Murphy's Birthday

On the 7th we headed to grandpa Murphy's, it was also his birthday. We celebrated with lunch at Red Robin, the Murphy kids were the real show.

San Deigo natural science museum

On the 6th we also did the natural science museum, but as it was a free day for California resident's it ends up everyone else was there too. Hunter did get to take down a prehistoric animal, he really is the strong man.

Air space museum

We enjoyed the July 6th by going to museums, the air space museum had all sorts of air crafts and space shuttles. From the first airplane models to the Apollo that landed on the moon.

Friday, July 8, 2011

FW: Stick figure kids



In San Diego fireworks are a no no so our kids made their own fun.